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Cali and Bogota

Two trips to Colombia in 2007. I have never been to South America previously. Bogota was a nice surprise despite all the armour around. Every hotel and public bulding had guards with automatic weapons and bomb sniffing labradors.

The people were very friendly, and the steaks were the best I ever had.

In Cali we couldn’t get the landing gear up.  Go around and land, …., carefully…… Would the landing gear hold?

At the tarmac, the port wing tip touched one of the palm trees surrounding the parking area. The glass was broken, the wing tip damaged, and palm leaves were sticking out of the aileron. The captain decided to go back to Bogota with the landing gear out. I was not really concerned until the mechanic did the sign of the cross just before take off. Once up, a loud “Bang!” told us the gear was up, unintentionally.  Would it come out again in Bogota?

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IMG_2528 copy

King Air 200 at Cali tarmac

IMG_2552 copy

Reference station close to the GP antenna

IMG_2539 copy

Cali tower

Sergio preparing the reference station

Sergio preparing the reference station

IMG_2519 copy

King Air 200

IMG_2523 copy

El Dorado. Bogota International Airport

IMG_2561 copy

Inspection of landing gear

IMG_2563 copy

Broken glass and damaged wing tip

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