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Baku; Aserbajdsjan


Two trips in 99 and 00. I don’t know why they wanted us to shoot seismic. The oil was floating everywhere.

“The world is not enough” was shot here, and that was pretty much what it looked like. Environmental protection was at that point not on top of the priority list. But the locals were friendly, as can be seen in at least one of these pictures!

One day the Iranian Navy paid us a visit. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there are five, not two nations, with a coastline to the Caspian sea. The borders in the Caspian sea are still disputed (as of February 99), and the Iranian Navy decided we were “to close”. The next day the Iranian Airforce paid us a visit. It probably didn’t help our situation we were towing several kilometers of high tech listening devices behind the Gilavar.

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Eating out

Eating out


Maybe not your favorite watering hole


My smallest bill was 20$...

Kaspiske hav0005 copy_small

Once a busy place

Kaspiske hav0020 copy_small

A long awaited transport

Baku 0006

Baku. Harbour view


Gilavar at sea

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