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Jeg har prøvd en del når det gjelder ulike årsaker til at fly blir forsinket. Det inkluderer vær som er så dårlig at flyet må endre destinasjon for å etterfylle drivstoff etter å ha sirklet en time, flyselskap som går konkurs mens man er på reise, tvungen landing halveis på vei på grunn av militærkupp [...]

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Forest queen visiting

Sometimes you are simply lucky. Queen with two calves dropping by for lunch. The video is ca. 3.5 minutes and ‘HQ’, so be a bit patient regarding ‘connecting’ and ‘buffering’ when starting the video. Click the picture to watch.

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A dot is a dot, but these ones are not.
The first picture shows Jupiter and a waxing crescent moon.

This is my first attempt on planetary and lunar imaging.  The second picture might look like just two dots, but the brighter dot is Venus. Second planet from the center of our solar system. The [...]

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Women’s liberation

“Women’s liberation came creeping all across the nation” is a line from one of Zappa’s less subtle, more explicit lyrics. Zappa is not particular well known for his fight for women’s liberation. But even less known to fight for women’s liberation is John Wayne. Yeah, that’s right. He started the whole thing. Many decades ago [...]

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In the old days (please note I did not say good old days) people would go to the store to buy Christmas cards. Once home, they would, by hand, write personal messages on these cards, write down the name and address, place a stamp on the cards, walk to the post office and send the [...]

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