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A dot is a dot

Written By: admin on March 17, 2012 One Comment

A dot is a dot, but these ones are not.
The first picture shows Jupiter and a waxing crescent moon.

This is my first attempt on planetary and lunar imaging.  The second picture might look like just two dots, but the brighter dot is Venus. Second planet from the center of our solar system. The other dot is Jupiter. The giant of our solar system and the mother of no less the 66 orbiting bodies.  Observing these planets at such relative proximity is fascinating for a geek like me.

Jupiter & Venus

Take a look at the “close up”. Close-up might be an exaggeration. Jupiter has a distance from the sun of roughly 800 000 000 km. But the picture does show some of the details in the atmosphere of the planet.



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One Response to “A dot is a dot”

  1. Bjørg Dokken says on: 18 March 2012 at 18:53

    Kva slags utstyr har du tatt desse bileta med? Moro å sjå-:)

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