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Merry Christmas Folks

Written By: admin on December 25, 2011 One Comment

In the old days (please note I did not say good old days) people would go to the store to buy Christmas cards. Once home, they would, by hand, write personal messages on these cards, write down the name and address, place a stamp on the cards, walk to the post office and send the cards away in due time before Christmas. It was a personal message from ‘me’ to ‘you’.

Then copying machines became common and accessible. Instead of personal messages on Christmas cards with a nice picture of something conveying the true Christmas spirit, we started to write one letter, make a copy to everybody on the list, maybe put the individual names on top of the letter and send it by mail.

Next in line was e-mail. We now did not have to leave the comfort of our home to send (and receive) holiday greetings. Once you have composed the message, you simply add a long list of receivers in the ‘To:’ field.

And finally we have Facebook and Twitter….. A simple “Merry Christmas!” is broadcasted in an instant to everybody on the ‘friend list’, or the ‘follow list’. You don’t even have to decide who shall receive this year’s holiday greetings. Facebook and Twitter have defined this already ‘for your convenience’.

I miss postcards!

So how many postcards did I send this year myself?

…….. Busted…….

Merry Christmas Folks!

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One Response to “Merry Christmas Folks”

  1. Berit says on: 25 December 2011 at 20:01

    God jul, Ingvar! Neste år blir det håndskrevne julekort! Saint ja?

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