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Christmas Spirit

Written By: admin on December 19, 2010 One Comment

What happened to my Christmas spirit? Why did it evaporate as I grew older? I kind of miss it and would like to get it back!

I have tried food. Did not work. I have tried shopping. Certainly did not work.  I have tried to replicate my childhood’s traditions. Not possible, and would probably not make any difference.  I have tried aquavit. Didn’t work either!  I even tried spending Christmas in a tropical climate a couple of times. I had a really good time, but no Christmas Spirit.

There are a few certain turn-offs that are really hard to avoid:  Christmas decorations and Christmas carols in the shops in November, crowded shopping malls in December (and as Christmas Eve get closer, the crowd turns in to zombies racing for the finish line), a 500 NOK Christmas tree (probably imported from Denmark, even if the salesman will insist he cut the tree down himself a couple of days ago) that doesn’t even last until Christmas Eve. It seems like ‘commercialization’ is a keyword here.  And there is also obviously the dimension of hurrying (also probably an implication of commercialization).

One turn-off for which I have no problem avoiding: Fading, once popular musicians, clinging to their fame, trying to suck a few more bucks out of you by touring the Norwegian churches with their ‘personal‘ interpretation of your favorite Christmas carols. Sorry guys, maybe it works for some, not for me.  (I wonder; what’s in it for the churches?)

Certainly I enjoy the traditional food, the late breakfast, quality time with the family, expectations in my kid’s eyes. But the Christmas Spirit? Nothing. Is this something only kids can possess?

Is it possible to slow down, avoid shopping malls and enjoy the holiday season to reclaim the Christmas Spirit? What is your experience? Suggestions are most welcome!

Merry Christmas!

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One Response to “Christmas Spirit”

  1. bjørg dokken says on: 20 December 2010 at 00:42

    “Is it possible…..?” It`s all up to you, dear brother – no one else…. You can not find someone to slow down on your behalf. And when you talk about concerts and churches: You should have been to your childhood` church this evening, beeing listening to your childhood` brassband….: Nothing else than peace, quiet and the good, old christmas feeling.

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