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Jazz: If you could bring one, only one record to a deserted island

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It would have to be this:

Speaking about myself, it all started back in November/December 1985, in San Francisco, YMCA on the north side of the bay.
They had a living room with an open fire place in the middle of the room. An old turntable and some scratchy old vinyl LP’s (anybody of you youngsters know what that is?). One of those LP’s was Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue.

The first thing I did when I got home was to buy that record. Since then, I have lost count of how many copies I have bought. Vinyl, cd’s, gold cd’s, special editions, for myself, for friends, for birthdays, christmas presents, gifts. I even got a beautiful girl to marry me by giving away this record!

In the late 80′s I rented a small aparment by the sea while studying at the University of Oslo. A loft with inside inclined ceiling. In the summertime I used to put up a hammock, attached to both sides of the ceiling. On the really hot summerdays when it was impossible to sleep I used to put my cover in the hammock, the outside door wide open, pull out a bottle of white wine from the fridge, myself on top of the cover in the hammock, and let Kind Of Blue turn quietly on my old turntable.
By the time the bottle was empty, I was asleep, always.

If this record doesn’t make your shoulders come down, no record will. So if you are stranded on a deserted island, the record will probably not save your life, but you will be very relaxed.

If you are linked to Spotify, click the link above, if not run to your local record shop and by the cd!

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