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How much fun?

Written By: admin on May 19, 2010 No Comment

How much fun can you have on a 12 hour long-haul flight? Well, quite a bit actually. Especially if it’s the first time you fly business class with Singapore Airlines.

First of all, when two senior engineers with 40 plus years of engineering experience cannot figure out how to operate the enormous recliner chairs. After fiddling with the controls and trying every possible combination (except the right combination) my boss suddenly disappears in the abyss of the mentioned chair. Eyes wide open like a cow scared to death. It is obvious that he expects the floor of the Boeing triple seven aircraft to open up wide and drop him right out of the sky as a punishment for not fitting in on business class. Consuming a couple of Singapore Sling’s probably did not add to our ability to mastering the advanced controls of the recliner. But what the Singapore Sling probably really was responsible for was our ability to laugh so hard the cabin crew with their iconic Singapore Girls even had to laugh with us. And of course it was obvious to our fellow passengers that we were inexperienced Singapore Airlines business travelers.

Anyway, we did figure out which button on the recliner would cause one of the Singapore Girls to pop out from behind the curtain, smiling and with another Singapore Sling in her hand.

Singapore Girl

And have you tried to catch those small round-shaped little carrots served with dinner as they are jumping around through turbulence?

Next time I travel to Asia/Pacific, I will definitely fly Singapore Airlines!

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