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5 Things I’d Like To Do….

Written By: admin on November 23, 2009 No Comment

If you are up to the challenge of arranging, coaching and/or financing, please step forward. I need your help!

Five things I really would like to do, but really don’t have much clue how to get it done:

1) A duet with Shakira: She doing the vocal naturally, me on the grand piano. One of these two songs: La Pared , or this one: Underneath Your Clothes . Qualifications? Playing hymns on the pipe organ in the local community church back home in the early 80s. P.S. I am not looking for an audience!

2) Pilot a Boeing 737 (or similar) from Oslo to Bergen. No Cat III, autopilot, push button stuff. Hand flying from take off in Oslo Gardermoen , to roll out at Bergen Flesland. Boeing 737 Qualifications? A PPL in 1983, expired in 1985. Since then this was my only cockpit experience: Saab MFI 15

3) Power lifting 450 kg. Qualifications? Bench-press 102,5 kg and squat 160 kg in the mid 90s. Dead lift no records what so ever! Now, married with kids!

4) Run down the men’s downhill slope in Kitsbühel , skis pointing down the slope more than across the slope, and make it look controlled. Qualifications? Well….. not much, 2-3 times down the Kvitfjell slope, including losing my right ski in the Rossi jump. This is not me: Men’s downhill Kvitfjell

5) Scuba dive down to the Blücher in the Oslo fjord, touch the hull and come back up again: Blücher . Qualifications? About 100 scuba dives around the world. The deepest to M/V Seattle in Kristiansand. About 48 meter deep mid-ship. That’s about half-way to Blücher: M/V Seattle

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