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Happy New Change!

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Change is all around us, all the time, everywhere. It is inevitable.  So why is change so often difficult and why do we resist change? Change is necessary and it is continuous. Sometimes fast, sometimes more slowly and sometimes almost unnoticed. But it is always there.

Time change (try to sop it!), your body change, our culture change, politics and economy change, technology change and anthropologic mixtures change. Just to mention a few examples of everyday changes.

People tend to fear the unknown, fear what we are not already familiar with. The unknown makes us uncomfortable and that is why we also so often resist change.  If you let your body be subject to plastic surgery you will project an image of yourself of which you are not. Live healthy and you (and the rest of us) will learn to know who you truly are. Don’t define culture. It is impossible and you will not learn to appreciate new ways and expand your horizon. Don’t think you have all the answers to politics. As everything around you changes, so does also the answers to politics. Always ask questions, keep searching. Don’t fear new technology. Try to understand the implications of the new technology and you will be able to apply it in your thinking of culture and politics. Don’t fear your new neighbor just because he or she is outside of your local definition of culture. Free your mind and learn to understand. You will have new neighbors anyway. People have since the beginning of time migrated from areas of low prosperity to areas of higher prosperity. It is as inevitable as water flowing downstream. You cannot stop it. You can build barricades but sooner or later the barricade will break and you will be flooded.  And why should you want to build barricades?  If you accept it you can also benefit from it, learn from it and even influence it.

If man never accepted change we would still be living in the top of the trees. As matter of fact we would not even have reached the trees. Fear of the unknown is never a good thing. The unknown should be explored and understood. Embrace change!

By the way, we just had a change of years. Happy New Year, and may the changes be with you, not against you!

Happy New Year

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