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Escape from reality

Written By: admin on August 25, 2012 No Comment

I hate shopping malls. I really do. Still, they suck me in like dust to a vacuum cleaner (which reminds me of something completely different…). Temples of greed, flaming credit cards and escape from reality. For how long do you feel how much better every time you buy a shiny new thing? Honestly! As soon I set foot inside this temple I’m choking. These are the real reality shows, the escape from reality shows (which is really what they should call all the other reality shows on TV). And Saturday at 1400 hours: Climax of the spiritual escape. Hordes of zombies moving in random patterns like ants in an anthill (actually, I believe the ants unlike the zombies do have a plan and is not moving in random patterns). Then the zombies sit down with a café latte. Instead of reflecting over life, universe and the meaning of it all, they reveal and admire each other’s prizes and trophies, acknowledging each other’s good taste and choices.

When I leave the temple, I breathe again, usually with burn marks on my American Express card. And the high priests of the temples are laughing all the way to the bank, resting assured the followers will return at the next temple service.

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