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Curriculum Vitae:
CV (Norwegian)

What I (used to) do at FMC Technologies

Norsk industri i Iran i 2012
Subsea UK 2008
Subsea Summit 2008

Master Thesis:
“Navigering i kystfarvann ved gjenkjenning av informasjon fra en navigasjonsradar i en digital kartdatabase”
“Navigating Coastal Waters by Correlating Radar Images With Digital Charts”

Thesis in Norwegian only:
“Hovedoppgave, Del 1″
“Hovedoppgave, Del 2″
“Hovedoppgave, Del 3″


SPE Economics & Management

E&P Magazine

“Integrated Operations and Integrity Management: Subsea System Vendors as Value-Added Providers”

“Proactive Maintenance in the Context of Integrated Operations Generation 2″

“Abundance Estimation of Northeastern Atlantic Minke Whales”

“Methodology and programs for abundance estimation of northeastern Atlantic minke whales. Estimates for 1989 recomputed”

“A Note on Neymann-Scott Point Process Parameters for North-Eastern Atlantic Minke Whales”

“Interprocess Communication and X/Motif-Based User Interface in the Design of an Object Oriented Real-time Application”

“An ECDIS For High Speed Crafts”

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